Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a deposit and/or contract ?
No contracts! A low, flat fee will most always cover all costs!

Do you recycle?
We recycle when possible. Useable items often are donated.

Will your trailers damage my driveway or yard?
No.  Our trailers are on rubber tires, just like your car. Unlike a roll-off container, it will not damage your property.

What can we put into the dumpster ?
Most anything is allowed except for items classified as hazardous waste.

What sizes are available ?
I have different sizes available to fit your needs.

How far in advance do we need to call ?
Most times I can be there the same day.

Do you pick up/deliver on weekends ?
Yes, anytime that is convenient for you !

Is it easy to load ?
Our trailers sit lowest for easy loading…no ladder needed!

What if I am unable to load it myself ?
We can load it for you, often at NO additional charge!! This works great for landlords and realtors.

Are you reliable ?
Yes !  I answer your calls. Unlike some others, I WILL show up and do it on time !!

What are the dumping fees ?
Most of the time, dumping fees are included in our low flat rate quotes…call for yours.

What areas do you service ?
We service Pinellas, Pasco, and Hillsborough counties !

EMERGENCY SERVICES Call us 24 hrs in case of emergencies. Cleanup after flooding or fire needs to be done quickly for the safety of all concerned.
We will get it cleaned up and properly disposed of.

Payment Options: Cash – Checks – Credit Cards – PayPal